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      I would like to open a marketing research firm. The services will be primary, secondary, sampling from the population, testing, data collection;quantitative and qualitative.

      And I am wondering how should I approach (introduce) the companies who need my services.

      Can anyone guide me through the step of the process. Thanking you



          Research your target market so you know the following:


          1. What is a description of your ideal prospect?
          2. Who are your primary competitors?
          3. What solutions do your competitors offer? How do they compare to what you are offering?
          4. What is your undeniable benefit for your prospects as compared to your competitors?
          5. Where do your prospects find similar services to what you are offering?


          You need to have a clear picture of who your ideal client is. Are you targeting small business? Large corporations? Are you focused on a particular industry? What size is the average investment that you are asking them to make?


          Some solutions can go straight for the sale, while others may require that you attract leads and identify what percentage of the leads are potential prospects and then convert them into customers. This can take some education and trust building before you go straight to the pitch.


          Where does your target market find similar services? You want to Get in front of them where they are accustom to seeing similar services and provide an attention-grabbing, interesting offer, with evidence of success (testimonials, case studies, etc...) with a clear call-to-action. This may require advertising / interactive events through industry associations, networking events, online and offline advertising ...


          Typically, marketing isn't a one-dimensional approach. How you should approach them can vary depending upon your answers to the questions above. Without further specific information about your target market, I think you will get "general" answers from the group.


          I hope this helps.


          Best of luck!




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            I have all the answer. All I want to know how to get the business from the companies.