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    $100,000 in first year of business

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      How do I take my 100 grand a year business to the next level? I started with only a cool idea, no business plan, use no advertising, and have grown organically using SEO only, to first page on Google for keywords and phrases.

      I know I need to start using social media marketing, but how do I find a reputable company to assist with a campaign?
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          I recommend before you hire a firm to help your with social media, you create a business plan (doesn't need to be formal, but at least contain information about your target market, your products / services, your goals and objectives, a marketing budget, and anything else proprietary to your business).


          Without these key elements well defined, you run the risk of throwing money away on trial and error versus taking specific actions and seeing how they perform to your goals and budget.


          Once you have these key elements defined, you can research online for companies, review their testimonials, interview them and see if they ask you appropriate questions about the items listed above with service packages that meet your needs.


          Let me know if you need help.


          Best of luck!




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            • $100,000 in first year of business

              Sounds like you have a great business going, good for you.


              Absolutely check the testimonials of the company you are going to work with, how experienced they are and if they can already show you results of previous social media campaigns. I would say Facebook is the way to go, you can find your exact demographics, your targeted customers, local or international, various ages and interests. That's the power of Facebook right there. Try to achieve a high CTR that will give you a low CPC or CPM for best ROI. Facebook rewards you with a low CPC if you have a high CTR. Use catchy ad pictures, change ad pictures daily and use the "like" option to get a herd of new FB fans.


              Let me know if you need more help setting up an ad campaign or for more info on how to setup a profitable Facebook campaign. I can give you acces to our Facebook webinar for free, no catch.


              Have a great day,