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    Trying to start a baby/children clothing store.  Need help!

    babyshop Newbie
      Hi, I'm trying to look into the idea of opening a baby/children (North American style) specialized store that concentrates on clothing and other accessories.

      I'm looking for quality suppliers mainly from China or Japan and Korea that manufacture North American style clothing that I can purchase. After testing the market, I would potentially like to manufacture my own baby line for my local city, nothing too big.

      I've tried searching on Alibaba and other b2b sites but there are so many vendors on there and you don't know how legitimate they are.

      How does one find legitimate suppliers that can produce quality clothing and also carry North American style baby/children clothing. North American style clothing is the key, as those type of manufacturers seem hard to find. Example of North American style clothing is Baby Gap, Carters etc.

      Anyone have any insight on this, or even some type of sourcing consultant websites that I could get some help with starting this idea up.

      Any help is greatly appretiated. Thanks!