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    Need your opinion and suggestion.

    WinnyWhittle Wayfarer

      We aim to put on top of those sourcing platform. We have done a lot to improve it but we know there still have a long way to go. Share us your wisdom!
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          SuneSmart Newbie
          I have visited your web. It looks good in the first page.But there are still some drawbacks.
          1.your domain name is too complicated to remember . Richforth is not even an English word so it may not impressive such as twitter.

          2.Your content is a bit lousy.It is not so easy for us to find what we want on it.

          3.Navigaton of your web is not so good.This will make the clients more difficult to seach what thay want.


          Hope it will do some help!
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            Looked at your site. Some good things about it.
            First, it is easy to navigate to view the product you want, and additionally, more items are recommended based on the search- this is good. Also, description of items are clear and concise. Furthermore, the various written testimonials from different parts of the globe- instantly provide more value to the products being sold. Last, the site tries to cover all the aspects that a prospect/customer could possibly want- from "about us" pages to videos of parties celebrating the clothes line.

            Now, for areas of opportunity.
            First, the content part is a bit busy and lacks some polish. Look closely at the content, and see that words are not written completely on one line, but suddenly run into the next- without any type of grammatical separation. Also, the videos- although produced with real people, lack, again, polish. They look rough and in some of them- the persons seem like they are reading from a script.
            Okay- I understand that there is nothing wrong with reading from a script. However, the person/s reading it- must NOT seem like they are doing it so. After all, if the producer of the video is trying to convey a sense of realness, thus engaging the viewers with its can it be done, if the production looks or sounds fake? Understand, that there is a fine line between "giving a reality feel" to the videos and having them look staged or fake.
            Fake= Mistrust in Viewers

            Good luck and hope this helps,
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                WinnyWhittle Wayfarer

                Hi,Internetannie! Thanks a lot for your opinions.We are now doing something to solve the problem of picture ploshing. We hope to make all the product picture as nice as the first picture. In terms of the video, we have planned to make a new one to replace it. It was the first time when we record the video so we did not so well. When we have new one, I hope you could come to see again and give your great idea. Thank you!
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                smallbus01 Adventurer

                You guys need to improve on your website content. Better content produces more conversions from traffic into sales. Take note that the speed of your website loading is also a factor in SEO. Better website design. Anyway good luck.