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    Support your upline as well as your downline

    irepwatkins Wayfarer
      Often times in network marketing, we are reminded of the importance of helping others. Our first inclination is to help the people under us. After all, we have a lot to gain by their success. Rarely do we take the time to help those above us, in the so-called up-line. Yesterday I had the opportunity to call my immediate upline sponsor, who earned that title by default when her up-line dropped out. I was asking her how her business was going, if she had any plans for the holidays to grow her business. During the course of that conversation, I came to realize that she did not understand the compensation plan. As a result, she wasn't qualifying for bonuses because she was not maintaining her minimum volume. Not only that, but she was not able to advance in the compensation plan either. As a result of my upward coaching, she now, not only understands the compensation plan, but see thats by simply maintaining her minimum volume she can advance at least two levels and $60 in bonus, just off of my activity alone. That's not money that comes out of my pocket, but instead money paid to her by the company based on the power of her entire downline.

      The great thing about the network marketing business model is that it thrives on leverage. As we build our business, we are leveraging not only our own advertising efforts and time, but also the time of others as well. There are no hidden agendas, fees, or costs, just money to be had, by those able to follow a simple system. Remember, not all network marketing is bad. Its just a little different than the norm. Take time to study and understand it, and you will reap the rewards by helping everyone around you. We can all live prosperous lives, if we just help enough other people.

      What have you done to support those around you?

      Happy Holidays,