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    JasonA Newbie
      Hello my name is Jason,

      I am needing help getting a loan for my bussiness.I need a loan for $110,000 I have personally invested five thousand,and as you can see I'm a ways from what I need.I do not have money just lying around!!Getting someone to loan a 25 year old guy that kind of money is pretty hard I found,so if any one has any suggestions please feel free to respond,but please be serious!

      Thank you, Jason
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Jason, Welcome to this website. Tell us more. Are you in business NOW?? How Long?? What kind of Business??
          and Where are you located?? like City and State?? So far all you have said is that you are 25 years old.
          What are you going to do with the $100 K Loan?? and when will it be paid back.??
          Good questions deserve Good answers before I write a check.
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              JasonA Newbie
              hello,thanks for the reply


              No I am not in bussiness right now I need funding. I live in oklahoma city oklahoma the bussiness I'm trying to open is automotive,like spray in bedliners and truck accessories,the money will be used for franchise fee,start up cost,and liquid capital,I have a great bussiness outline. I've already tried a couple banks but like I said there not jumping to help. Yes I will definitley be paying back the loan
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                  CEO Space Scout
                  Oklahoma City, my neighbor to the south.

                  We have members in Tulsa, Dallas, Denver and Wichita (well all around this area actually).

                  One of our long time members, author, speaker and instructor, Scott Degraffenried is coming
                  up from Dallas to Wichita to talk to our local group on Feb. 7th, as a matter of fact.

                  Another method to get started with less cash is to joint venture with an already existing
                  business in your industry.

                  Just more suggestions.

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                  JasonA Newbie

                  LUCKIEST, Is there any other way to contact you
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                  CEO Space Scout


                  Welcome to the forum.

                  It isn't the amount or your age. If you are looking for investors. It is the project, your plan, your team and what an investor sees as a benefit.

                  In October 2007 a 9 year old in our teen program at CEO Space raised $25,000 for her project.

                  Starting in July 2007, a twenty something year old raised $70,000 and now is doing the legal work to raise $1 million more and already has a few people who want to be a part of it.

                  Now, if you are looking for just a loan, that may be a more difficult prospect unless you have collateral or a co-signer with collateral.

                  I mentioned the above so that you would know what else is possible. Of course, no guarantees.

                  But we did fund over $8 billion in projects in 2007 from our network.

                  Also, check in with Luckiest or your local SBA and SCORE counselors.

                  Good Luck,

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                      JasonA Newbie
                      Thank you kathy,

                      I'm not opposed to investors and will you elaborate on your $8 billion dollar loans in 2007,and what excactly is score counselors.

                      Thank you Jason
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                          CEO Space Scout

                          Luckiest who is a member here and quite helpful is himself a SCORE counselor. These are volunteers who word within this program in the SBA to help entrepreneurs.

                          I'm sure he would be willing to help you and explain this more.

                          The $8 billion funded out of our network was not loans, they were investments.

                          It was member to member within CEO Space. You can here from the people themselves
                          on the video on my VIDEO site called "Show Me the Money". There are also other
                          videos that tell you about our network.

                 Sign in and then go to the video page.

                          Kathy Hadley