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    Need $3.5 million to take company to next level

    bigbuxx Newbie
      Our company Stayhealthy Inc. has developed highly accurate, patented technology for measuring such things as body fat percentage, rate of calorie burn, blood pressure, temperature, glucose, and cholesterol. (See We are partnered with IBM for the production and distribution of kiosks for use in pharmacies, schools, offices, and fitness clubs. Our technology was recently selected by an international manufacturer of fitness equipment for inclusion in their products. Also, a fitness club in Florida recently selected our kiosks for use in their chain of clubs. (See and look at Lifestyle Lifecenter information). And, a large distributor of office equipment is planning to offer our hand held units on their website.

      A comprehensive, independent study at a large U.S. university will soon publish the results of tests of our equipment. We believe the results we be extremely favorable for our products.

      We believe that our body mass measurement technology is at least as accurate as the full body immersion method which has long been the gold standard for such measurement.

      A copy of our business plan is available to qualified investors.