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    Patent research - how to do it for free?

    devaney Adventurer

      I have a few product ideas and would like to find out if it is already patent. How can I do research this on the web for FREE? Does anyone have any website suggestions?
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          You should search prior patents and publications at the earliest
          possible opportunity. Practitioners refer to this as a "novelty"
          search. The primary reason for this is to avoid the futility and cost
          of filing a patent application on an invention that someone else has
          already patented. In addition, a search decreases the chances that you
          will inadvertently infringe someone else's patent Still another reason for the search
          is to obtain information about the state of the art of the technical
          field of the invention which you may use to improve the invention and
          increase it's marketability.
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            CEO Space Scout

            Welcome to the forum.

            Here is the official US patent office site.


            You can do your own preliminary search there. Search your idea in as many different ways as you can.

            This is a good start. You will however need to get an attorney eventually. And as with everything,
            all attorneys are not created equal.

            We have many high level patent attorneys in our network.

            What is amazing and most people don't know, is that for what it would probably cost you to hire
            all the professionals you need, attorneys, patents, business plans, etc. You can get access to
            in our network for a one time fee.

            Sorry for the plug, but I've just seen so many people spend much more than they needed to for lesser results.

            Good luck,

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              Fact_Finder Adventurer
              The USPTO site does a good job of hiding the ball in terms of locating all of their information.

              See these direct URLs:

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