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    Updates and improvements coming soon to the SBOC!

    SBC Team Guide

      Coming soon, this Small Business Online Community (SBOC) is going to receive a subtle facelift as we upgrade to the latest version of our community software. Our goal is to streamline some of the current navigation, and improve the functionality and user experience for our community members. Hopefully you'll enjoy the benefits.

      Overall, the community will look much the same. Most of the changes will be subtle. But, there are few "under the hood" improvements that you'll notice right away, including:

      • Easier navigation: When you log into the upgraded platform, you'll notice a new "Your Stuff" menu. This menu makes it easy for you to bookmark interesting content, browse discussions you're participating in, and quickly set your account preferences (just to name a few).
      • New posting capabilities: We've revamped our message posting editor, allowing you to unleash new levels of creativity. You can choose the fonts, text colors and formatting you like. Include bullet lists, numbered lists, tables and, of course, smileys. Not to mention your new, ever trusty advanced spell checker.
      • Ability to edit your posts: It can be frustrating to make a typo in a message and have the error live on for eternity. In the upgraded platform you'll be able to easily edit your posts to have them read the way you meant them to read.

      Again, these are just some of the enhanced and new features coming soon with the upgraded community platform.

      We value the feedback of the members here in the Small Business Online Community. If you have any suggestions or questions about the upgrade, please feel free to reply to this message.


      The SBOC Team