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    Grants & Grant Writing

    MDF2008 Wayfarer

      +Grant writing is our speciality.</stro<br /> Pre-qualify.+ *
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          2008, Tell us more. We are a non profit in New York.
          Always looking for grants that we can apply for, and we the GRANT WRITER to apply for them.
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              MDF2008 Wayfarer

              What is the name of your non-profit?
              What year did your non-profit start?
              What is the mission of the non-profit?
              Have you written a grant for your non-profit?
              Has your non-profit ever received a grant?
              What kind of dollars are you seeking for your non-profit?
              +How would the grant monies be used for? +

              All the Best. MDF2008

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                  michael2 Wayfarer
                  I am setting up a nonprofit. I have just incorporated in Florida. I want to work in schools and institutions.
                  This what I need grant money for:

                  I want to help abused kids, kids in foster care to develop their career paths.

                  I want to do professional training and development in organizations. I have my own distinctive model of managing human capital investment.

                  I do paradigm shifts and mindset changes
                  I work to facilitate diversity and multiculturalism

                  I want to raise funds for families in high risk communities

                  Can you really help