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    Use Bill Pay to Manage your customer incentives

    irepwatkins Wayfarer

      About a year ago, I placed a classified ad in a local Senior Journal. In my ad I offered a 10% discount if they mentioned the ad. Most of my customers started asking me how they would calculate the 10% off their ad. So to combat this I came up with a creative way to track my discounts. Instead of taking 10% of the top, I started using my banks Bill Pay service to send rebate checks once the orders were received. This ensure that my customers do not under pay on their orders. I will also be able to use this service to send cash back incentives for referrals as well. Although I consult for a Network Marketing company, some of my customers just aren't interested in being associates or having business of their own. Instead, of drilling every customer to become an associate, I started offering incentive checks for referrals that bring me business. If you think about it, companies like Kohls offer free money to be used in their store for any purchase (Kohl's Cash). Last week I received 3 referrals from customers, that resulted in $175 in sales. As a result, each of those three customer received a $5 incentive check. Sure they, may not want to be associates, but they still provide valuable business leads, and are thus rewarded for those leads. Ultimately, I benefit from increased sales, new customers, and potential associates. Bill pay makes it easy to send out those referral incentive checks.


      How do you use Bill Pay? If you are not using your banks services to their fullest advantage, you should talk to you banker and learn more.

      What tricks do you have for driving people to your business? We want to know.

      Michael Friedman
      Watkins Sooner Group