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    Question to moderators

    amspcs Ranger
      I have TWICE submitted what I consider to be an innocent post regarding a newsworthy event. It concernied a public announcement aboutf one company acquiring another. I thought it was newsworthy
      since a substantial number of readers of this post utilize the product of one or the other of the two companies involved. No solicitation, nothing controversial, nothing competitive in nature
      to B of A etc. Both were blocked.

      Can someone please explain to me why both of my posts were blocked and never saw the light of day? I think I speak for a lot of us in stating I'm beginning to think twice before dedicating
      my time and energy contributing to this forum, only to find I have wasted my time for no apparant reason. I have NO idea what to do and what not to do in order to avoid censor, other than the
      obviious no-no's--adult content, etc..

      I do believe it's high time for the moderators to explain to the community IN DETAIL (not just referring to the rules and regs) what will and will not result in their posts being blocked.
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          KathleenF Scout
          Hi amspcs,

          I took a look at the posts that you referenced.

          The first was a general statement and a link to your blog which was perceived as advertising. Linking directly to the press release after a summary or personal opinion would have been more suitable.

          The second post was an attack on moderation.

          Per the guidelines, Keep it clean, keep it professional. Every post should
          make a positive contribution to the community and should be suitable for
          all users. The community is open to all points of view on the intended
          business-related topics; mature, polite debate is encouraged. But we
          will remove any post or reply that includes derogatory, abusive,
          offensive, obscene, violent or inappropriate content of any kind. Always
          interact with other users respectfully, as you would in any
          professional setting.

          You can view the community guidelines here:

          Thank you for questioning the status of your posts.
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              amspcs Ranger
              Kathleen, as I recall the link I provided WAS directly to the press release. As for the 'attack", I don't think I said much more in the blocked post than I said in the post you are responding to now, which was
              that I think what you are accomplishng is making lots of people think twice before they waste the time and effort to author a piecet that will be blocked.

              If you feel that blocking posts that offer constructive criticism and/or informational links is appropriate, how about at least doing something to filter out the truly offensive content such as the loans and financing spam that litter the forum on a daily basis?
              That would make me feel a little better.


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                  KathleenF Scout
                  Hi amspcs,

                  Thank you for replying back. I explained moderations position in my previous comment regarding both questionable posts. The first piece of content that was submitted was directly to your blog. The second one included the press release but also was an attack on moderation. We understand your frustration as we've all experienced our posts being held for moderation or removed from a community.

                  Please do not think we don't appreciate the time you have given to this community but we do have a set of guidelines which were agreed to when signing up.

                  As moderators, we do try to filter out the financing spam that hits the community but unfortunately we do not moderate the community every hour so sometimes content stays live till a moderator is scheduled. In the meantime though, if you do find a post that offends you or is spamming the community for loans and financing ... please do report those posts as inappropriate. The quicker they are reported the faster they can be processed.

                  You've been around for quite some time. The community has come a long way since the beginning. There is a lot less spam and advertising going on than in its inception. With the help of every community member we can continue the upswing by asking everyone to report content that they find offensive or outright spam.

                  Once again amspcs, we do appreciate your time and your commitment to this community.

                  Thank you again for your input.