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    Employees check

    carlosSD Wayfarer
      I am giving my employee his first check this month and I wanted to see if anyone new what some of the tax withhelds were about or what they mean. The first one is CA income tax and other one is CA state disability INS. Are these two mandatory tax?

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          Oh my yes, state income tax (if a state has income tax, which all but a few do) is mandatory. If your payroll program is telling you to withhold CA disability then you can assume that is mandatory as well (every state is different). Go to the CA dept. of revenue site and make yourself familiar with what is supposed to be withheld and also how frequently you are supposed to send that withheld amount to the state.

          Same with the IRS, make sure you know how often you must pay the withheld amounts. When you get a tax id number, you are typically sent information on things like this. It's up to you to know the rules, however. "I didn't know", is not an acceptable excuse to the feds or the states. It's your job to know.