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    Finding silk suppliers in China!

    LadyRich Newbie
      Hello Community!!

      Looking for help and guidance please....Want to start my own Silk Underwear business!Need to find a cheap silk supplier in China and then a producer of the underwear designs!!Eeek started to search for wholesale suppliers but the list is so long so wouldnt know where to start!!
      Any help would be appreciated!!
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          You must be extremely careful when dealing with Chinese suppliers. Many will take your money and never send the goods - then what do you do? Google reviews of chinese suppliers of silk and see what comes up. You are looking for reviews, not the actual manufacturers. You want to talk to those who have actually used a supplier that they are happy with and you want to verify that the person doing the recommending is an actual business in this country.

          Find associations of clothing manufacturers and ask about it on their discussion boards. You need to talk to people in this field for their advice.
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