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    how much to claim on your taxes

    carlosSD Wayfarer
      How much do i have to claim on my taxes for my small business? I have one employee working for me right now. Do I have to claim everything i made or substract whatever i paid my employee?
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          HS_Accounting Wayfarer
          Hi Carlos,

          I would recommend getting an accountant. They will be able to evaluate all of your business expenses and determine what is deductible. This is especially important because congress recently signed the small business jobs act, which includes a lot of tax breaks - you want to make sure your taxes are in order and you're not missing out any deductions.

          Any questions, let me know.

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            If your business is fairly simple, you can probably make due with TurboTax for small business - make sure you get the one that's for business, not just for personal taxes. Follow every question, step-by-step, and it will fill out the right forms correctly for you. Just make sure that you go through every single section so that you don't miss any deductions you qualiry for. If you have any questions, or if there is any answer you are unsure of - get professional advice.