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    Getting Software development orders from overseas companies

    jk_2002 Newbie

      I am running a software company in Tirunelveli Tamilnadu, India. I am in this field since 1995 and providing custom software solution to small and medium organization to local clients. Now we are searching for clients from abroad. We have team oriented and well experienced professionals in current IT technology (.Net platform). Right now we are giving our services to Co-op banks in our city, Finance & Chit companies, Shipping & Logistics, Hotels & Lodges and Manufacturing companies. Can you give information about how to get clients from abroad and software orders from abroad.
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          Your best bet would be to put together a very professional looking website and adveritse to the world that way. There are many Indian companies who do business that way. Research websites in your field, especially those from Indian companies, and see what they look like, what information they include, how they sell their products, etc. Then research those companies and see who is has been the most successful at it.