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    Credit Score

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      I've been servicing clients and friends with my home interior/design talents for sixteen years and would like to make it a business. I am 45 with a poor credit score and would like to know if there are any lenders who would work with me? I have yet to go to a bank because I am a little gun-shy. I would like to know what I'm up against before I walk through the door. I am currently getting paid $25 an hour for my interior services. My husbands job made us moved frequently. Because of the moves I have worked in various states leading to many referrals. We are now in Texas for a minimum of 7 years. I have no overhead and would like to possibly remain a one woman operation. I would appreciate any insight into the credit score world of small business. Thank you.
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          I recommend you check out the site Business Money Today and starting clicking through the steps for a Start-up Business. There are a variety of loan options based upon different criteria (i.e. what the use of the funds are for, lower credit / higher interest rates, terms and duration of the loan, etc....).


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            Since you are new to the area, I would recommend finding the local SCORE office and meet with the people there. It's a completely free service which connects you to retired executives in your area who can be a wealth of information and guidance for you. Also, Google 'small business development in (your state)' and see if there are any programs to assist someone starting a new business through the state or local governments.

            The bottom line is, with poor credit you will have a difficult time finding lenders willing to work with you at this point in the economy. There are other strategies you can employ and someone at SCORE would be your best resource to start with.

            Also, because you are new to Texas you need to get yourself known as quickly as possible. Join local women's clubs and business organizations.