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    anyone have any great ideas for publicity i am in retail.

    giorgioa Wayfarer
      anyone have any great ideas for publicity i am in retail. i am trying to think of an idea that would cause some free publicity. something that would get us in the newspaper or news. nothing negative, just something very creative. anyone have any great ideas. i know this is a hard question.
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          amynwesley Adventurer
          I think I introduced myself to you before but I am not sure so I will just introduce myself again. I am Amy Wesley, owner and CEO of Nickels and Dimes Advertising. Nickels and Dimes Advertising designs, creates and prints original brochures, flyers, newsletters and business cards for business and personal use. I would like to recomend a book to you. Books that I have found to be great little resources. The first one is Guerilla Publicity writen by Jay Conrad Levingston. Guerilla Publicity teaches you how to gain publicity for your business without breaking the bank and spending a fortune. It teaches you everything from putting yourself on the map to perfecting your sound bite to zeroing in on your market to finding your uniqueness and capitilizing on it.
          Press release can be great little marketing tools when used properly. Before you write a press release you need some news thats worth reporting and you need to define your target audience. For instance you don't want to send a press release about a new pair of jeans that enhances your figure to a fishing magazine because unless the jeans double as a fishing lure they aren't going to care. Once you've identified that target audience and know which publications cater to that audience you need to write and craft your press release. Keep it precise and to the point. It shouldn't be any longer than a page. Identify your who, what, why, when and where, in the first two paragraphs to catch the editor's attention. Don't wait until the last paragraph to try and bring about your point. Editors have short attention spans. Please don't make the mistake of sending your release to the wrong department or misspelling the editors name. Thats a NO,NO.
          Direct marketing and direct mail also have a tendency to be great little marketing tools. You can also try joining your local Chamber of Commerce.
          However if you want to get into the news, either A. craft a press relase (newsworthy) or B. run an ad in that paper with a spicy irrestible offer.
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            NatOnline Tracker
            You can post ads on Craig's list locally for free, many retailers are doing that.

            You can also list your business on Yahoo local in the category of your choice for free.

            The last one but not free, get some business cards (1000 or more for $100), and advertise your retail store by going on parking lots and sliding a business card on each car.
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              TheMediaHog Newbie

              Visibility is everything when you're marketing a business. A sign, a website, even a business card can do it, but in very limited scope. Advertising can do it... at a high price that says to the reader that you've paid to toot your own horn. Providing visibility with credibility is the role of PR.


              How can you create visibility and credibility? By positioning your company as a source of information. For example, if you sell insurance, you'll want to let the media know that you are the person to come to for insurance information. Or, if you sell fishing tackle, let them know that you know "how to catch the big one" or "where the biggest fish are".


              Without knowing more about your business or industry, it's hard to help. But, this is a good start. If you would like more information on how to get the attention of the media, check out