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    Want to open my own store in wireless and Telecom 12 yrs exp

    urcellexperts Newbie
      Hi to all,
      I have been in the wireless industry for 12 years and now want to open my own business. I have been working for my employer for many years and learned the good and the bad. I have dealt with all the ups and downs of the business from getting the people skills, to sell the hardest customer out there. I am ready to do it on my own now. i also happen to know all the right people in the industry that i have spoke to and are willing to guide me to get the tools i need to get approvals to sell the product as well. Also, I am already looking for location where i would like to open my business. Rent is cheap now since there is a lot of vacant space available. Landlords can afford to have these empty spaces.

      Customer often tell me that i should open my own store since they only want to deal with me and have been for years. I am also sure that if one day i mention that i have my store they would follow. I am Hispanic bilingual that can sell my product from head to toe in either language. I have also experienced with consumers and business accounts. I think its time for me to get out there and doing for myself. My current employer has been my mentor for years and very well professional individual, thats the reason still work for him.

      My only obstacle now is how to finance the first year. I do have some savings but wonder how hard is to get a business loan or a business line of credit?


      Of course if you need a new cell phone, wireless modem or even a Galaxy Tablet ( these are awesome) let me know. Thats me and thank you in advance for any suggestions.