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    Need Alternative funding ideas for liquor lic. purchase!

    Mrmatthew Newbie
      I am one of 4 equal partners of a sandwich shop / sports themed restaurant.

      Bottom line, our business is growing but slowly, and a liquor license would be a huge addition for our already stable business.
      We project our food sales would double if not more, let alone how much alcohol sales would also be added to our revenue.

      The problem is that we do not have enough savings to purchase a license. To secure and apply for the cheapest for sale license available we need $60,000.

      How or where can I look for a liquor license loan for a business that has survived 3 years since open but is not showing sales enough to help get a traditional financing option? I have no collatoral to put up for the loan and all of 4 the equal partners have poor personal credit some very poor.

      Thanks for any help,
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          bkemp100 Newbie



          One good way to find alternative funding is the look
          for a private lender. You can usually find them in
          the Money Available sections of major newspapers
          like the New York Times, the Chicago Sun and other
          major newspapers.

          If you are located in a major metropolitan area you
          could also consider running an ad for a private
          lender in your local paper. If you don't live in
          a major area you should consider running ad
          in the largest circulation newspaper near you.


          While there are no guarantees when using this


          process it is a low cost starting point, and is


          something that you should seriously consider.
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