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    Looking for marketing ideas

    CPRguy Newbie
      I began a First responder training agency about 2 years ago and it has had positive feed back. We cover every entity imaginable from citizen to group training and small business to large corporations, However we specialize in developeing a first response plan and training businesses and companies in CPR/First Aid. It leaves them fully certified and provides them with a plan and skills to provide care when an emergency does happen.
      Now that I have described the services, I was hoping that I could recieve some feedback on possible marketing stratagies and networking skills to help the business grow.
      Our website
      Thank you for the input
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          xeeker Wayfarer
          Not knowing how wide an area you are trying to cover, I will make recommendations based on a "local area business". You have most likely been doing this already!

          I would sit down with your yellow and white pages phone books and a telephone. Your calls should be to your target companies, the largest first, dream big and go after the largest companies in your area, first. A brief phone intro describing your company and services, no more than a minute, to get through the "gatekeepers". Ask for their kind help and direction in getting you through to the decision maker. Next, when you get through to your "target", the same brief intro and ask for an appointment.

          It would be very much to your advantage and check with the "work comp" companies servicing your area and find out if your services could offer any discount to the companies that they service. Also, check with ADP and any other payroll companies (they all market work comp) and find out, with the same brief intro, who some of their best customers are that could use your service. Don't be afraid to try to to work your way into their marketing and become a referral.

          Beyond this, it's fingertips on the phone and shoe leather. Make appointments and keep them. This is effective direct marketing with a specific target audience. Mailings and the like are hit and miss with a small percentage of return...most end up in the trash, unopened.
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            LUCKIEST Guide
            CPE, Looking for marketing ideas. You are a volunteer?? Do you have a title?? I would be happy to help.
            I am a SCORE Counselor and SCORE is a partner to Bank of America and provides FREE assistance..
            SCORE is FREE. In fact SCORE has a Virtual Learning Center with 26 online FREE (love the word FREE)
            courses at " " Very helpful
            The courses include developing a business plan, marketing, targeting your market and more.
            Some quick marketing ideas Discuss the product / service offered
            Identify customer demands for your services Identify your market, its size and location.
            Explain how your service will be advertised, marketed and explain pricing strategy.
            Good luck, LUCKIEST
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                CPRguy Newbie
                Thanks Luckiest,
                To answer your ?'s I am the owner of the business and no I am not a volunteer. I have been in the emergecy medical field for 7 years. I am still in the field and have now decided to stem off into this area.I would like to hear more about SCORE as I am not familiar with it.
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                    LUCKIEST Guide
                    CPR, Glad you asked about SCORE. I could write a book on the subject.
                    SCORE helps people in business FREE. (This website like the word FREE)
                    SCORE is also a partner to Bank of America and provides FREE business assistance.
                    You can visit a local SCORE office and talk to a live Counselor or visit online.
                    SCORE has a Virtual Learning Center (again FREE) with 26 online courses including business plans,
                    marketing, cash flow, advertising, legal structures and more.
                    Check it out, you know it is F LUCKIEST
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                  CEO Space Scout

                  We have a very large membership of CEO Space in your area.

                  Please go to the forum at and post under NEEDS for clients.

                  However, don't make it sound too much like an add or they will want you to move it
                  to yellow pages which has a small fee.

                  The forum is free. Just say what you do and say you are looking for people who you can train in this.

                  Also, your might introduce yourself and post a couple other places before you just post this.

                  And then remember to go back and check for answers.

                  Do you have a web presence if someone were to google you in your area for CPR training would you
                  come up?

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                    xeeker Wayfarer
                    Just a thought! Synergy is a wonderful thing! Payroll services and other companies, marketing "wide band" are a terrific place to talk to their marketing directors and see if you can ride on their "coattails" by offering them a commission for sales that are generated from their leads. You have something they need (or don't know they need), not a luxury. Anybody who will work with you that way is a terrific source of business. The other place that will get you a lot of leads is the Chamber of Commerce and the Better Business Bureau ... remember that they are marketing agencies, moreso than service agencies ... it's implied rather than stated, but a terrific source. If you have "sales lead clubs" or organizations, consider joining.