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    I Need Your Help!

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      I am trying help a friend of mine who owns a carpet cleaning business and convince him to get involved with social media (get a Facebook Page, Twitter, etc.) He just doesn't get it that it that first of all it's FREE and is a good way to get his company name out there. Also a good way to develop a strong following and create offers for them.

      Has anyone been convinced by someone to start a Facebook or Twitter page? If so, what was the determining factor in you deciding to go with it? Also, if you didn't start it yourself how much did it cost for someone to set it up for you?

      I would appreciate any help, he is a family friend and I just really want his business to succeed. I even told him I could do it for him for free!

      Please help! :/
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          Social networking is a good promotional tool but for a local business like carpet cleaning, there are many options. On my profile you will find my website. Go there and then to to the 'Promote it" section which is packed full of pages of free and almost free ways to promote a business. Each situation is different but you will find something for every type of business there.

          I am thinking he could use the tips you will find on the page named '50 ways to promote your business for free or almost free'. When he sees all the ideas, it will get him excited to try some of them. Social networking works best with younger customers but the good old-fashioned methods of fliers, coupons, billboard postings, etc. are good to reach other audiences. Your friend may be uncomfortable using a computer for promotions. Maybe starting him on something more in his comfort zone first will get him interested in trying things like FaceBook. If you know people personally who have used this sort of thing, maybe you could bring them together with your friend.

          Good Luck!
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            The reason that your friend would get involved in social media, would be to increase his clientele- just like you mentioned.

            There are other ways of doing it.

            For example...has he considered having an affiliate program? He would go and contact other compatible services, such as house/office cleaning, landscaping companies, handy men, organizing companies, etc.
            Then, he can offer them a percentage of his first business transaction, from referrals that come from them.

            Most people get excited with a 30-50 percentage offer.

            If he has a great product (your friend), and excellent customer service, plus a competitive price- then, the prospects will become easily repeat customers....and customers are invaluable.
            In turn, your friend can also offer these businesses, to do the same for them.
            After all, they are not competitors.
            This way, your friend can expand his business, without too much effort, as he is basically "riding" on other people's customer, he is also helping them expand theirs. It is a great deal.