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    Want to add Liq. License to my restaurant but need funding.

    Mrmatthew Newbie
      I own a restaurant that has been in operation for 3 years in a college town and is doing very well. The town around the university is growing, and I see a great opportunity for the business to grow if I can secure a liquor license soon. The restaurant is a sandwich shop and has already proven that it can survive even without selling alcohol, however nearly all of our customer base is calling for us to secure a liquor license and build a bar and I can see that we are missing out on potential customers due to the non-availability of alcohol.

      Since the business is so young, it has not had the chance to accumulate savings enough to purchase a license, however if the business is able to survive without a license I feel that adding the license will provide huge success for the restaurant.

      I feel that now is the perfect time for the restaurant to make this change and add a bar, the only problem is a lack of funds to purchase a license.