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    What is ''...of the month club'' ?

    Alex777 Newbie
      Good day everybody! Salute from Ukraine=)
      I'd like to say "sorry" for maybe very simple questions, but I really can't find any information about these "..of the month clubs". Exactly I can't find any data about their principles of working, and just making money at last)
      To tell the truth I didn't know about these clubs till I didn't read one topic on business ideas forum.Some guy was talking about opening the jewelery of the month club, but it doesn't matter because I have never seen any analogues of such stores in Ukraine,Russia(except book of the month clubs). In USA you have these clubs with any products, from socks to chocolate=) and we don't((
      So, I would be grateful for any useful information about these clubs, as I would like to see them from the view of the entrepreneur.How to open & organize such type of business? What is the difference between them & simple on-line stores?
      Thank you for any explanations on this topic!!!!!!
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          smallbus01 Adventurer

          Have you tried googling it? I mean thoroughly checking websites? There is bound to be some information there. The advantage they get is more popularity compared to smaller businesses.

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            Most "...of the month" clubs are about membership, I believe. I find them to be a way to lock a member into a long term contract for goods. It's a way of ensuring that customer will purchase your product for at least the duration of the contract. Some offer a product each month, some every other month and others every 3-4 months dependent on the type and cost of the item being purchased. Once you agree to join you are usually charged automatically to your credit card each month and the products (everything from candy, fruit, jewelry and shoes to books, DVDs, clothing, lingerie and even high end products) are automatically shipped to your door or the recipient of your choices door on a schedule.



            If you need more information, try Google as smallbus mentioned or look into some local "clubs" in your area.





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              Alex777 Newbie

              Dear guys, thank you for your answers! To tell the truth I thought, that I won't see anything at this topic. But to my surprise there are some people, who can  waste some tome on answering my questions.

              And now directly to the topic. As I expected, the mentality in Ukraine and USA differes very much, but ofcourse I knew it before. And there are  businesses that are sucsessfull in USA, but don't work in Ukraine or Russia. And the main reason for this is different people with different views on the same things. That's why we still don't have online stores with monthly subsciption. It's hard to explaine to our people, that they can now pay 100$ and recieve for example socks each month during the year and save 20$ on this. If we pay for something we need to get it  immediately, not tomorrow or in a month. The same problem is on the macroeconomic level. Our businessmen avoid investments that won't give them immediate effect. They need to invest 1000000 $ today, and get 2000000 $ tomorrow. Thats why long term benefits are not for our people=)

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                  Moderator Jim Ranger

                  "Of the month" clubs are still kind of niche products here, for example, I just saw one for toys based on DC Comics super heros. Pay $250 and get "exclusive toys" once a month for a year. I still kind of wish they were for more useful items at times.



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                    seoservicepro Ranger

                    So, your internet is only available in the Ukraine? Is our mentality so different that you only want to sell in the Ukraine? You could start your business and sell to everyone in the world. Isn't the Internet great that way? What I'm sarcastically trying to tell you is that when you start an online business, like a  . . . . of the month club, you could try expanding your marketing efforts to the people who do understand it and who are used to joining these clubs. So, people in your country not understanding it has nothing to do with your ability to start that type of business, if that is what you want to do.


                    And by the way, helping people by answering their questions is never a waste of time. Sorry you feel that it is.