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    A few wish list things that I would like to see on this forum.

    CEO Space Scout
      I am relatively new and I really like this forum, but I would like to see a few things that I am familiar with from other forums.

      • I wish I could format my profile. All the words just run together. I'd like to make paragraphs and live links so that it would be easier to read and easier for the person to use.

      • I wish you could edit or delete a post after you've made it. Most forums have that ability.

      • I wish there was a counter as to how many unique visitors were here everyday in a conspicuous place.

      • I wish the links that you posted in the forum were live.

      • I wish you could private message other members in the forum.

      • I wish there were a few more classifications for posts. Like Events and Introduce Yourself. I'm sure there are others but I can't think of them right now.

      ok, will that is enough for now. I might thing of more later.

      Again, I like the forum and am glad it is here.

      Thank you.

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          Lighthouse24 Ranger

          Although I wish the person who starts a thread (posts the original question) could remove it or at least lock it, I would prefer that posts to the thread NOT be editable (as things are now). Even though I get in a hurry and make typing mistakes or leave words out (and I wish I could correct it), being able to do that would also mean that content could be changed -- and that would often break the continuity of the discussion that evolves. Also, the fact that it can't be edited increases the quality of the posts, and reduces the number of people who post whatever pops into their head (as people do in other communities). Here, you can't take it down or change it, so you know you'll have to stand by what you wrote -- that makes our threads more reliable as a source of information and advice.

          I can see how live links in the posts and profiles are a benefit to members who are using the community to sell their products and services, but I'm not sure that exploiting that capability throughout the site would necessarily enhance the stated mission. I'm afraid this site would become more about advertising and less about providing small business owners with worthwhile information and assistance. Alternatives might be to expand just the member profile to include the functionality mentioned, or maybe create a "Marketplace" section (a separate area like the Stories and Experts section) where members could post pure advertising -- with live links and no restrictions. BoA could even charge the advertisers for that, to cover the additional cost of maintaining and supporting it.

          I'd have no problem with a private messaging feature, although again, I'm not sure how BoA supporting private chats between two members will benefit the overall community mission. A counter would be free and easy to add, and I don't see any reason not to do that. I, too, would like to see more thread topics/categories, like the ones mentioned above -- another cheap and easy addition.

          Thanks for initiating the wish list and discussion, Kathy!
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              CEO Space Scout

              Your first point is well taken and I agree with the point. I do get ahead of myself and make typos or grammatical errors and hate that, but you are correct about the rest of your point.

              I can also see the point about the live links and it turning into a marketplace and I wouldn't want that either.
              I was thinking more about being able to click to see someones site straight from the post but I could see how it would be abused and I don't want that either.

              I like your suggestion about a possible other section that would be just a marketplace and maybe there could be a small charge so that it wouldn't get too carried away.

              I appreciate your well thought out comments and suggestions.

              Thank you.

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              LUCKIEST Guide
              CEO, Great wish list and the nice thing about a wish list is that it sometimes comes true.
              As you said you are relatively new, but we all were at one time. I really enjoy your writting style.
              You and Lighthouse have great input, I keep learning and your answers are first rate.
              I have reached out (through Members) and have make contact with other members of this forum.
              I am a SCORE Counselor and do e-mail counseloring as well for SCORE (which is how or why Bank
              of America started with so many SCORE volunteers)
              Just so you know, you cannot edit a post, but you can delete the post by marking it "inappropriate"
              The next improvement might just be a counter.
              Keep up the great answers and one of these days lets talk.