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    is reebok the only company you can get licensed jerseys?

      I have been doing extensive research for months on in. I have bought counterfeit jerseys through ebay, from china, canada etc.. and everything i have come across is all illegal stuff.. I seen other people comming across the same problem i am having and heard all the complaints on how NFL and Reebok have a monopoly on there authentic jerseys... Is this really true is it almost impossible to start a legit business in reselling licensed authentic NFL jerseys without it actually being a illegal product?? I seen the check list to send to Reebok or the NFL merchandise department 2mil in sales in a year cmon now... What can i do?? is there anything else then going directly through Reebok?? i am at a brick wall now and figured i would come back to where i started in the beggining which was here any responses will be appreciated thanks...