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    Starting a night club in NC

    cjtucker Newbie
      I am a licensed teacher which was laid off in Mecklenburg County. I am interested in going to the eastern part of the state (where I am from) and starting night club. I have my business plan and have extensively did research on the area, target located, target age group of the district I plan to service. However, I am not quite sure on some items: funding (I have none), licsense I need to obtain, and the actual location. If you have ANY helping comments please feel free to help.


      C. Tucker
        • Re: Starting a night club in NC
          You must start out with the Small Business Administration ( where you will find all of the information you need for free. If you do not have proven experience in successful nightclub management, your chances of obtaining funding are very slim. It is a very expensive business to be in so you would need to have enough savings to support yourself for at least a year, which few people do. That is the main reason you often see businesses open and close so quickly.

          Honestly, I would advise that you find another, less risky idea. If this is your life's dream, start with finding a position managing a nightclub so you can learn while being paid.
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