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    New to starting a business

    nesberry57 Newbie
      Want to start Assisted living business what is the first step.

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          Avionne Wayfarer
          I am not quite sure about what your business is all about. You can check out powerhomebiz and bplans and look at samples of their free business plans to get an idea of how to write up your own business plan. You can also join, entrepreneur connect and others and network with others, who are familiar with your business idea and can help you. I think that you should go talk to s Business Development Officer and see what they have to say, talking to them will help you out greatly.

          Good luck with your business. Be blessed.
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            Find the closest SCORE (Service Corps of Retired Executives) office and contact them. You can look them up at They have endless patience and experience and are completely free.
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              Not knowing what you may have accomplished so far or your experience in this industry, I recommend that you start by performing some market research.


              1. Do you know what the opportunity is within your market?


              2. Do you know the size of the market?


              3. Who are your competitors?


              4. What licenses, permits and certifications you need?


              5. Is the market shrinking or growing?


              6. How much funding do you need to launch your business?


              7. What sources do you have for finding funds?


              There are additional questions that you need objective answers to before you can write an effective business plan and launch your business.


              You can get some answers from regarding the necessary licenses and permits. They provide a service for a low rate giving you a report that includes the forms and where to submit them to for your licenses and permits. Here's the link:


              If you aren't sure how to get the answers you need to the questions above and the additional research you will need to perform, I have a free ebook you can download titled, "My Idea, My Research". Here's the link to the page where you can register for access to the Solutions Center:




              There aren't any charges for registering or downloading the ebook.


              Please let me know if you need any additional hands-on help.


              All the Best,




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