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      Hello! I'm an alien businessman obtaining an ITIN. I'm working in biologically active food trade. But because I'm totally new to USA and my language is really bad I don't know what to do next. So, could you please tell me how to register a business and establish a business account.
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          MoneyTree129 Adventurer
          Do you already have a business plan? Cuz most of the time you need a business plan to get a loan from a bank.

          once that is done you need to decide the legal structure, like s corp c corp , etc...

          next you need to registered your DBA and get your tax ID number, employee ID

          Get a sale tax permit if you are selling

          get a biz checking account with your tax ID number

          finally get local license and permits

          hope this helps.

          I know someone from a networking event that he does business planning, let me know if you want his help. thanks