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    Extreme Pita Franchise Option

    George_kj Newbie
      Hello all,

      I wanted to explore the option of setting up a Extreme Pita franchise. I am a first time entrepreneur.I have no business experience . But I have a strong desire and faith to start one.
      Would someone be able to answer a few questions for me?

      1. What are your thoughts on setting up a extreme pita franchise?
      2. Would it be a good return on investment ?
      3. Does anyone know how the weekly sales volume look like?
      4. What business research would you recommend before i take the plunge?

      Your insights would be greatly appreciated.

        • Re: Extreme Pita Franchise Option
          fayazk Adventurer

          Talk about a late response-here I am one year later !

          I know a lot about Extreeme Pita, their growth, the people behind it, their sales and cash flow numbers, and the average investment


          To do the research, e mail me or start at my website,


          Happy to assist and tell you the truth as I know it


          Fayaz Karim