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    Trademark & Steps to Start New Clothing Line Business

    mayerou Adventurer
      Good Today to All!

      For all the savvy entrepreneurs and experts in the field, I need your help. Please answer for me, as elaborately as you can, the following questions:

      My company is already registered with my State for selling personal items.

      1. At what stage of starting my new clothing line business do I need to register my Trademark?
      2. Do I register my all sketches and/or all my patterns for each new design? What else do I need to register?
      3. Please list for me in sequential order what needs to be done prior to, during and after starting my business line.
      4. How many pieces of different samples do you recommend that I start out with?
      5. Where do I get the best inspirations/trends for my sketches?
      6. What is the most crucial step (or more) in launching a new business and how does that applies to starting a new clothing line.
      7 How do I best promote my business online and locally? (I would probably sell online first but looking to introduce my line locally)
      8.Can you recommend highly useful and informative books, reference books and reading materials on building & expanding a brand new business and also on building a new clothing line.

      I am working on a very limited budget. What I have plenty of is a strong will and desire to start entrepreneurship against all financial odds, to learn a lot fast, to be focused and disciplined, to work very hard, and to succeed.

      I would be overjoyed if all my questions could be answered by you, experts. But, please answer the part that you're more comfortable with. I will also be grateful is only some get answered :-)

      Thank you in advance for your time and for helping me out by giving me expert information (to me and to the small business community at large).

      Good luck and much success back to you!