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    Critique our Site

    boblaw Newbie
      We just went through a site redesign and are looking for some feedback. We were after a site that was pleasing to the consumer, provided a professional look and didn't appear too common (like many of the sites purchased from the template providers are).

      We would love to hear feedback from any of the members here. We did a search for site critique and this small business forum ranked really well. The feedback that some of the members took the time to provide was well thought out and thorough. We hope to receive the same.

      The site is:

      Any comments, questions, or feedback is much appreciated.


      Bob L.
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          ACPG_Inc. Wayfarer
          I am not a designer. I took a look at the home page and it looks good. Personally, I would move that section about regions below the part where people can begin quotes on auto insurance etc...

          Also, the left menu looks like a menu on one of those search pages when you type in a web address where there is no actual website. I would change the design of that menu or perhaps get rid of it entirely.
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            As a foreigner, I like layout of your website,. It can help to find what we want immediately. The only defect, in my opinion, is that three's some interspace in the entire webpage.
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              Chatwin Newbie
              The web site has a fresh look! It is comfortable and friendly. Just 2 observations:

              1. As mentioned by other contributor, the left menu seems like those search websites... just change the look of the menu.
              2. Try to show the left menu in all pages... that would help customers a lot to easily reach the most important pages of your website. If you navigate through your pages one by one, you will find the left menu in some of them... why not to have it in all pages?

              Good luck! and congrats! It really looks great!
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                  boblaw Newbie
                  Thanks Chatwin.

                  We are working on a nice icon design for the left menu. It really does give the look of the squatter sites. Not what we were going for. There are many pages without the left menu as a choice (quote pages). When a user is in a quote form, we didn't want any unnecessary navigation. The conversion rate is affected. The pages that are not quote forms, and still lack a menu will be resolved. Thanks for pointing that out.


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                  smallbus01 Adventurer

                  It looks pretty good in my opinion. But I think you should add another article or maybe 2 on your home page. People want to get the information they want as fast as possible without clicking another link. So your home page must be very informative and compact at the same time.