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    Trying to help those who need funds

    CEO Space Scout

      You know there are so many people with great business ideas and good credit and yet they can't seem to get the funds they need and then just this morning, I get this email from someone who just started in our system brand new.

      "Guess What.....I did exactly what you said, and the first person I asked gave me 50K. I was shocked! I tried not to appear so excited but I almost started crying."

      And you can read all about Sarah Perkins story at

      I've always said, if it sounds too good to be true, check it out, it might be really that good.

      Always do your own due diligence and find out. But I think we could help a lot of people

      There are also others here at this forum whom have stated they can help people like Triumph.

      And check into

      Good Luck
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          LUCKIEST Guide

          CEO, Kathy, very exciting having the link to

          You are so right. There are many people who write on this forum and
          others needing Capital
          or a loan to start their business. Like SCORE (which I talk a lot about)
          this is a great resource.


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              CEO Space Scout
              yes, and there are many people with funds wanted investments.

              We have found that it is just connecting the right person with the funds with the right person with the business ideas.

              Of course, there are no guarantees because people also need to be prepared.

              I might take this opportunity to point out something you ask often....Do you have a business plan?

              I have found very, very often, that people looking for funds really aren't ready for that step yet.

              They need a plan and a team. SCORE can help them with that. In case, people don't realize, SCORE is part of the SBA so you can just look it up in your local area or contact Luckiest.

              CEO Space is the worldwide network that the above blog post is about.