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    Branding My product line

    cmdgny Newbie
      I just started a baby cloathing line. It is trendy and cute and very good quality.
      How do i go about branding my product line.
      Thank you
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          bellies Newbie
          Hey David,
          When you say branding, do you mean labeling, logos and the sort? OR are you talking about promoting? How to sell the line and where to start? If it's the latter, I would suggest one of two things. I own a retail store in NC and work very closely with many local business owners who have started their own lines. First, contact companies directly. Go into stores with samples and see if they are interested in carrying the line. The hard part about this (what I've learned from the companies I work with) is that you end up putting a lot of money in up front to go and produce the samples or stock for the stores who just might purchase. Another option might be to look for local reps in your area? Is there a local "market" for wholesalers to attend? I'm not sure how familiar you are with retail, but showrooms in Atlanta, NY and LA are all set up to house companies such as yours and they sell your products for you (at a commission or monthly charge depending on the showroom).
          Hope this was the direction you were going with your subject.

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              cmdgny Newbie
              Hi nikki thank you for your comment.

              I was reffering to pormoting the product.
              Like for example the company crocs which was only founded in 2002 and within 2 years has become a internationall billion dollar company.

              I understand that crocs is unique and has provided a product that was usefull for all ages, and a cheap alternative for footware, However it couldnt have just been that which made them so successful.
              They needed to promote, market and brand their product.
              So my question is how did they become sosuccessful in such a short period of time?


              I appreciate your insight,
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                  ejohnn Wayfarer
                  Branding is just getting your business out there where people here your name and understand who you are and what you stand for. In this day and time you must advertise and it will take a few years before people have you in the back of their mind when they think of their needs.It is a long process, just read everything you can on the subject and spend money in the right advertising and that will help.
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                I'm no expert at wnat you are asking. We have a family business, design and mfg, speciality dance ware. Started on the kitchen table, maxed out our cr card at 16K ,produced a catalogue and mailed it to 1000 dance studios. 5th or 6th yr - gross 1Million. So I ould say that if u believe in yourself and can create a customer base, You may be home free- sonnie
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                  TheBizSeller Newbie

                  The first question I would ask in developing your own unique brand is, "what makes you different?"

                  Is there a certain theme or style to your clothes that separates you from you competition. Are you going after a certain segment of the market such as the high end? Or are you focusing on affordable clothes?

                  Your brand is not something you paste on to a ME TO product, it grows out of what you are and why you are doing it.
                  • Branding My product line

                    It's crucial to get people around you to learn about your business. The best way is to connect to people is through social networking. Also, you must have an attractive website that displays your product/service well. The other most effective way is through business reviews. Ask your current or past customers to write a review of your products and explain their overall experience. Get your products rated and post these to your website and your shopping cart page as well. Business reviews( are very effective at building confidence in your business.