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    amynwesley Adventurer
      I spend so much time advertising and marketing for my business I have a tendency to under-advertise my writing career and what I offer as a writer.
      Aside from being owner and CEO of Nickels and Dimes Advertising ( I am also a published author and a cancer survivor. My first book,* Mirror, Mirror* which is on sale at and is due to hit bookstores, February 4 was published verbatim, without editorial input. From The Mirror, a story about a vicious serial killer who calls his unsuspecting victim's mirror home to_ Cindy_, a story about an army veteran (named David) who looses his leg after a mission goes bad and is forced to return to his home state of Montana where he unexpectantly finds love to the very funny Chocoholics Anonymous, where you meet Chyanne Truffle, a chocolate addict forced to come to grips with her biggest fear Mirror,Mirror has a little something for everybody.
      In November of 2004 at the age of 16 I was diagnosed with cancer, Large Cell B Cell Lymphoma. At the time of admission into the hospital I was stage 4. In March of 2005, I was declared cancer free. You can find the story in the "Stories" section of this website under the headline From Cancer Survivor to Published Author to Entrepreneur.
      For more information about Mirror, Mirror, my struggle with cancer and to join my fanclub, which will be up and running soon, visit
      If there are any other writers in the community now would be a good time to introduce yourself and your writing career.
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          CEO Space Scout

          That all sounds great. There are always people I know of looking for writers.

          Would you be a ghost writer for someone?

          Have you checked into ghost writing at


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              amynwesley Adventurer
              I go back and forth when it comes to ghostwriting because of the advantages and disadvantages. You get to help someone else acheive there goals and if you are able to land a major deal, say ghostwriting for a celebrity the rewards can be handsome and you may even get a little publicity. But after all that hard work, your name doesn't appear on the book or in the final contract, you don't get to sign books at a bookstore and if the book goes to mega success you won't get another cent.
              However I don't rule out the possibility. Say for instance if the gut work has been done and this person has researched and compiled all or nearly all of the required information and my work starts at putting that work down on paper in book format that may be something worth pursueing. But if I'm going to have to slave away doing all the research, and gathering all the information, then no.
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              LUCKIEST Guide
              Amy, YOU DO GREAT MARKETING.
              Can not wait for the nest issue.