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    Sales Letter

    Rae107 Newbie
      Hello Everyone,

      I would like to know if anyone has a proven sales letter to send to perspective customers. I have been sending my catalog along with my newsletter and facts about Products of Distinction to owners, managers and supervisors of businesses I would like to do business with. After rethinking my packet presentation I'm thinking that a well put together sales letter would possibly have more of an impact added with what I'm already sending.

      What do you think? Thank you.

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          CEO Space Scout

          Welcome to the forum.

          You will find this forum to be very helpful and so I'm sure you'll get a lot of replies.

          I was just wondering if you are just sending these packets out "cold" meaning with no
          prior contact with the people?

          Also, tell me a bit more about yourself, how long have you been doing this? Are you the owner?

          Just so that we can help you more. The only sales letter I have samples of are for particular items and are
          for online applications.

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              Rae107 Newbie
              Hi Kathy,

              Thank you for answering me. Yes, I am the owner of Products of Distinction and I started this business in 1998. The packets I've sent out are "cold calling," somehow I thought that would be a way to introduce myself and my company to businesses and the general public. I host parties, and fundraisers but I would like the catalog part of this business to be like Lillian Vernon or Crate and Barrel. My feeling is that if a perspective customer sees something they like they will order, of course I'm basing that on my use of catalogs past and present.

              I'm sure I've haven't done all that I should to properly promote my business so I've come here to learn what I can about increasing business.

              I know I need a website but haven't been able to fit it in my budget just yet.

              Thanks again.

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                  TGA000 Wayfarer
                  Sales letters, so you're talking direct mail?

                  Have you used a sequencial mailer? Look at the method you use for this. Here's an article I wrote last year (targeted at the auto repair industry) but the advice is sound, and it's already been re-published over 72,000 times. So I supose somebody's reading!

                  You should be able to modify what you're already doing to pull in a stronger result:

                  Auto Repair Advertising - Direct Mail - The 5 Step Survivalists Guide \\ On the surface it would appear direct mail, as a \\ staple auto repair advertising strategy, has long since seen its \\ heyday. Twenty or thirty years ago, a shop owner could send out a few \\ letters and actually expect a response. Today, amid the thousands of \\ other advertisers, the return on investments has left many asking if \\ their message was lost in the mail. \\ During our normal screening \\ process we ask each of our clients: "What response do you typically see \\ from your mailings?" The answers have become highly predictable, as \\ almost 94% say they send out mailers every so often, or not at all, as \\ they see almost no response. \\ That's not too surprising. Ask any \\ group of business owners in any industry, and you will probably get \\ roughly the same feedback. \\ What is surprising is that the \\ remaining 6% report seeing anything from a 9% to a 22% return on their \\ direct mail. What makes those repair facilities so special? \\ The answer is simple: They didn't stop at one mailing. \\ Repair \\ facilities seeing the highest rate of return, in almost every case, use \\ sequential mailings with a clear message and a time sensitive call to \\ action. \\ Before I continue, I would like to clarify something: the \\ direct mail I am referring to is for new business development. These \\ are the letters shop owners send out to get the car count up. Mailings \\ to existing clients are a completely different animal, and we will \\ cover that category a bit later. \\ Auto Repair Advertising - 5 Steps To Breathing Life Into Your Direct Mail \\ 1: Use Postcards. \\ Postcards do not require opening. A letter requires time to open, \\ unfold and actually read. Consequently, a letter will, almost 10 times \\ out of 10, end up in the recycle bin. Unopened. \\ An even better advantage is that postcards cost less to make and mail. In some cases you can save over 75%! \\ 2: Have A Clear Message. Use An Attention Grabbing Headline. With each mailing the message you communicate must be clear. \\ Remember K.I.S.S.? Keep It Simple, Stupid. Less is more when getting your point across. \\ Also, \\ your headline should address some sort of concern your prospective \\ customer has. Don't be afraid to be a bit extreme. People respond to \\ the idea of life or death situations. \\ Example: "What Happens If Your Brakes Fail? Is Your Family Safe?" \\ 3: Make 'em An Offer They Can't Refuse. Offer \\ Value. Most people are starving for value. So many companies offer so \\ little in return that when someone actually does, consumers are almost \\ programmed to ask, "What's the catch?" \\ Don't have a catch. Be honest, open, and full of value. \\ A \\ good idea would be to give them something free with no strings \\ attached. But watch out! Never offer something that will eat up your \\ time and cost more than it's worth. The trick here is to find that \\ hidden value, that mysterious gem your new customers will flip over. It \\ must also be easy and low cost to produce. \\ Example: I will \\ never forget Les Schwab, the tire guy from my childhood in Oregon. This \\ man was insane enough to offer "Free Beef With Every New Set Of Tires!" \\ Who in his right mind would do that? To this day, I can't tell you how \\ beef fits in with new tires. But even though I have not been back to \\ Oregon in 15%2B years, I DO remember Les Schwab and always think of him \\ when I see a set of tires. \\ 4: Have A Call To Action. Make \\ It Time Sensitive By creating a sense of urgency, you create a feeling \\ of scarcity in the recipient's mind. And by having a call to action, \\ you give them a clear message of what they must do to take advantage of \\ what you offer. Example: "Limited Time Only: Free Brake Inspections For \\ Every Car before (DATE)" Just remember to give your prospective clients \\ enough time to pick up the phone! \\ 5: Don't Pull The Trigger Once... You Need To Keep Shooting! Much \\ like the scenes on C.O.P.S. where some guy is wigged out on crack and \\ has to be shot 50 times before he goes down, the same can be said for \\ the American consumer. In almost every advertising instance, frequency, \\ clear communication, and repetition are the only 3 elements that will \\ work. But they must be used together. Having a clear message and only \\ sending it once doesn't cut it. (That's like a flesh wound to the crack \\ head. He won't even feel it.) You must have a clear message and send it \\ multiple times to the same people. \\ Try This Schedule: \\ 1st Mailing - Have a special time-sensitive offer and an invitation for the person to call/come in (AKA Call To Action) \\ 2nd Mailing - 15 \\ days later. Have a "So sorry we missed you" feel to it, and maybe offer \\ an additional incentive to coax stragglers out of hiding. \\ 3rd Mailing - 15 days later. Be bold. State "Last Chance!" "Offer Will Expire Soon!" Don't be afraid to be a bit extreme. \\ 4th Mailing - 3 \\ to 5 days after the expiration date. This last mailing will have more \\ of a "Congratulations! You won second prize!" feel to it. \\ Note: After \\ each mailing you MUST remove those who respond from the list. Sending \\ them advertisements for the same offer after they have already come in \\ is not only annoying, it gets expensive. Why Does This Work? Multiple \\ mailings tend to make people feel your offer is more valuable. A single \\ mailing is easily dismissed as a potential fly by night gimmick, and \\ will more than likely end up in the trash. \\ By repeating your offer, and adding an increasing, time sensitive pressure, you help emphasize the importance of your message. \\ Beyond \\ even increasing your overall return, multiple mailings reinforce your \\ facility's credibility in the eyes of local car owners. \\ Auto Repair Advertising Final Note: How \\ Many Should I Send? If, for example, you are currently hitting 1000 \\ homes and neither desire nor can afford to send that same number \\ multiple mailings, consider shrinking your list. \\ You will do better sending 250 homes sequential direct mail rather than sending 1 mailing to 1000.
                  Now, direct mail is not something I am a fan of. I really think sales letters are one of the worst ways to go. If you're interested about talking web... NOW we've got something to cook on!

                  Shoot over an email, I'd love to get to the meat of the problem and see how I can help.

                  FYI: you don't need to spend any money to get started. Here's a video I just shot that might help you.

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                LUCKIEST Guide
                107, Welcome. Tell us more. I did look at your description under members.
                Rae, What is your title?? How long has the company been in business??
                Products of Distinction is primarily a catalog company that sells to
                other businesses and the general public.
                Do you break down sales by business and general public?? Which is your larger or more profitable target area??
                Do you know about SCORE. SCORE is FREE and a partner to Bank of America.
                Can you give us a sample of the letter you are now sending out and maybe we can help improve on it
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                    Rae107 Newbie
                    Good Morning Luckiest,

                    Here is a copy of the letter I've been including in my packets.


                    Dear Friend,

                    In December 2005, I wrote a letter to you introducing Products of Distinction. I haven’t heard from you so I’m writing again to remind you that Products of Distinction is a unique wholesale distribution company located on the East coast. While our merchandise is unique and some pieces exclusive, our prices are reasonable and competitive.

                    Your primary business are flowers; what better way to increase sales and generate revenue than adding crystal or ceramic vases to flower selections. They will do particularly well with the holiday season around the corner! In addition, you could be the first flower shop in Kansas to offer these unique pieces. I am enclosing our catalog, World of Products, and our brochure which shows the quality of our merchandise and what is currently available. For example, item #28206 on Page 175 the “LOVE” Rose is in high demand Thanksgiving and Christmas for use as a centerpiece or a gift. The wholesale price for this item is $7.95, the MSRP is $14.95, therefore your margin of profit would be $7.00 for each one sold. The same would hold true with similar pieces.

                    During 12 months you can increase your revenue with items for the garden or other pieces designed to make your customer’s homes look and feel distinct. We ship directly from our warehouse to your door within 7 to 14 business days. If you are not completely satisfied we will replace the item(s) or refund your money.

                    We look forward to doing business with you.



                    Renee B. Perry



                    I do not always address the letter to friend, I call and find out the owner, manager, buyer's name and send the information to them.

                    I have broke down sales between businesses and general public. The results were general public's response was greater. I attribute that to my catalogs are in public places such as beauty salons, doctors offices, friends and relatives are have taken them on their jobs and a few apartment complexes. The theory is wherever there are people I put my catalogs with business card attached there.

                    Yes, I know about SCORE, I visit their site regularly, I have taken some of their online seminars. It's great.

                    I appreciate you helping me. Thank you.

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                    laundrylady50 Newbie

                    To help you out on the website part, Microsoft Office Live offer free web service, along with monthly subscriptions ( You build your own website and they give you MANY options, backgrounds, etc... I have the full service and it only cost 39.00. Take a look at my website if you would like to view what they offer.

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                      MDF2008 Wayfarer

                      Lessons learned. Save yourself alot of $ from mailings.

                      Keep it simple. Test market 2 or 3 sales letters and review the results.

                      You know your business best;test first then adjust the letters based on the results.

                      Call a couple of your clients and just ask them direct what kind of letter and or form of

                      communications are needed for them to become a customer of yours. ( focus group too)

                      Do not send the catalog unless they are pre-qualified buyers / ready to buy now.

                      Do you have a website.....that will save you mailing cost?

                      All the Best , MDF2008
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                          Rae107 Newbie
                          Thank you so much for your advice. Some time ago I considered post cards but never followed through. At the time I had a dinosaur printer and the cards wouldn't print correctly so a letter was better. Since then I've changed printers and I can do them so I'm reconsidering.

                          You make good points in your answer and it has jolted me into realizing my approach hasn't been the best; needs to be refinded. I have some potential customers who have requested catalogs and those I sent out along with my newsletter.

                          Thanks again, printing this page so I can remember what you suggested.

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                          talkfusion Wayfarer

                          Hello everyone!

                          I just did a post on Talk Fusion Video Email. This is a great way to introduce your product on a much more personal basis. Mailings are great and do work some but do you ever know if anyone even looks at your mailings?

                          Please find the article on Talk Fusion or Home Based Business and look at what I posted. I think you will find it very informative and eye opening!

                          With Talk Fusion you can do a short video to introduce you and your company and when your introduction is over another video comes right in with YOUR product or service. The template around the email will have all of your information ie; phone number, business name, email address and website. The template will be branded with your company logo and any pics or info you want on it.

                          Remember also: This is only email with no downloads or attachments! You get Real Time Tracking so you know who looks at your email, if they sent it to someone else and if they clicked through to YOUR website.

                          Don Egnor