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    Need help building a community website

    sgtxray Newbie
      I would like to build a community website with features that most social network have, but also with video chat and a stock market game with real time stock updates and made up currency. I've tried getting it started on my own, but its very very time consuming for a beginner. So a more realistic option would be to pay someone to do it. What kind of professionals would I need to help me with this? And How much would it cost?
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          smallbus01 Adventurer

          Nice idea, I think that might just be a hit one day. But for now my advice would be go find some people to help you with your website, because if you do it alone it will take you forever to finish it and by that time someone would've already made a similar website to yours. If you are looking for people to work for you then I would suggest going to Odesk. They offer talented people there craving for jobs.


          BEST OF LUCK to you and your great idea.

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            Paraday_Comm Navigator

            Hello SGT-XRay~


            I have recently made a pesentation to a very large and multi-national sporting franchise where the core developement of their social network was just under $600,000.00usd, with a team comprised of 5 programmers, 2 designers and several administrators. The key to social networks is knowing how to manage the infastrucure properly after launching and keeping the system live, 24/7. Anything less and you're toast.


            While your concept is excellent, I must agree full heartedly with SmallBus01, in that you really should seek out professionals and a core 'team' more than likely, that will stick with you for the long haul. Otherwise, as pointed out, someone may just beat you to the punch.


            Check out my profile and email me if you'd like to commincate further. All the Best Bud!

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              seoservicepro Ranger

              Paraday is right about the cost. Seriously, for what you have in mind, it will likely be more than that because of the extra programming involved for real-time stock stats, etc. I have people come to me all the time with a great idea like "I want to build a site that is a cross between facebook and google and I have $1000 to get started". That's an extreme example, but people have seriously come to me with, "I want a site like and want to compete with them and my budget is $1000 per month" spend that hourly. No you won't compete with them. They have been around longer. They have a killer marketing budget.


              So great idea. People would love it. If you have a million to invest, do it. Otherwise, on to the next idea, because the costs that paraday just gave you is to build it. After that you also need money to promote it.

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                Stephen Newbie

                I can help you building a community site for cheap!!! And this is not spam or a joke i promise you, you will not regret it

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                  Hello sgtxray,


                  If you are trying to build a site on the level of facebook, google +, myspace (or at least what myspace used to be)  your not going to be looking at a cheap build.  I have a friend who is a webdesigner and for a basic wordpress based website, with custom skin and a forum, he would charge around $1200.  Now if you are going to be building something on the scale you are saying, it's going to cost a lot more for the design alone.  The more bandwidth you need, the more expensive your hosting will be as well. 


                  Your going to find that to run a website on this scale, you will need to have a staff, it isn't a one man operation. As the others said, you will need a core team.   I don't know if you have good friends who are programmers and designers, but you will want that core team to be people you trust. 


                  Good luck, you can do this if you work hard on it.