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    Getting Into the Real Estate Business-Networking

    mstlfuller Newbie
      I am interested in getting into the real estate business full time. I currently have 2 properties, one rental in Virginia and a primary in Georgia. I'm thinking of using the equity in the Georgia home to puchase a few more rentals in metro Atlanta, Georgia but need to find some honest and reputable contractors to partnership. So, this thread is for all of the contractors in the Atlanta metro area that want to get some business please reply and we can hook up.
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          I am not a contractor, but have just a couple of quick recommendations:


          This forum can be very anti posting of personal contact information in the discussion threads. They allow you and others to post your info in your Profile. I recommend that you post your contact info in your profile so those that read your offer can contact you if they are interested. If they leave a post with their information, the forum administrators are likely to delete their entries.


          You may want to consider placing a post on, too. That is a site where people can connect with potential partners on projects.


          Obviously, you could always do a search on Google for contractors in the metro Atlanta area and contact them directly, too.


          Good luck with your project.




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