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    halli hallo aus sansibar ;-)

    rabadaba Newbie
      i am planning on opening up a small bakery to boost my income. however, from all the articles and contributions i have read, they seem to provide advice for a more developed consumer market . things like internet marketing and getting loans from the banks seem to be very easy in such markets which is not the case with where i come from.
      i am 26 years and don't have any significant collateral to aid me get a loan as that is what is always needed in order to get a loan here in Zanzibar, well over the period of time, i have managed to save some money but that is not enough to start my bakery. however, i am i need on any advise that would guide me towards starting my own bakery in a "guerrilla" market such as the one i live in ( advise of any kind will be appreciated). i passionately love baking and i have done it for quite a while as a source of side income.
      just like i quoted earlier, i have read very many different business related books and articles in order to get some tips and yes i have learnt a lot from them however, their do not seem to apply in my community. what do i need to start a small bakery in a society like the one i live in almost from scratch?