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    Looking for a loan or investors

    Forefronttech Newbie
      We are in need of a loan or even
      investors into our company.

      Name: Forefront
      Technologies, LLC
      Location: Maryland
      *Business Start
      Date:* December 2006, LLC status.
      Partners: 4 in total
      with an equal 25% share.
      Industry: Information
      Technologies, Telecommunications & Wireless
      Partners: Cisco, Linksys, Motorola.
      We have an accountant, we have a lawyer, we have a 55 page Business
      Plan which includes a Marketing plan, if anyone would care to take a
      look le

      We offer a wide
      range of services in the IT field. We focus on phone systems,
      computer network design and maintenance and the integration of the
      two under one solution. We also offer other services like, wireless
      communications and video surveillance that will also integrate into a
      company's network infrastructure. We sell to business all sizes and
      we have just finished our registration with the Federal Government.
      We have partnerships in place with the companies listed above to sell
      there products. We are one of the only Cisco SMB Certified
      Partners in the area and we are also Select Certified and plan to
      further our partnership with each company in the future.

      are in need of capital to further expand our business. The other 3
      partners are still part-time with the business with me being the only
      full time employee. We are at the stage were we need full time
      employees but cant afford them. We need to focus on acquiring new
      clients and bids for government contracts but don't have the time to
      do so, since I am the secretary, the finance manager, the project
      manager, the repair technician, the customer liaison, the office
      admin and so forth. I have to wear several different hats each
      day that I find myself with little time to focus on growing the
      company. We also need to order office equipment lab and test
      equipment, inventory and more tools as well. Some have leasing
      options available which we are currently exploring. I would
      like to hire an office admin, a salesman and a technician and also
      bring another partner in full time as well, to help balance the load
      of responsibilities.

      We have a D&B number as well as a
      "business credit card". We have accounts set up with 2 major
      suppliers in the area. My personal credit is around a 690, the
      business D&B score is an 83. The other 3 partners have different
      credit ratings as well, 2 with scores around mine and one with a
      score well into the 700s. So we don't have bad credit, its just not
      spotless. Either way at the end of the day the bills get paid and
      the business bills always get paid on time.

      Its all outlined in the business

      In closing if you have any advice or helpful hints it
      would be greatly appreciated.

      Let me know if there are any questions,
      I tried to give as much detail as possible.

      Thanks !!