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    photo studio

    heezie Newbie
      What do we need to start up a proper photo studio?
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        • photo studio

          Heezie, for an actual studio you'll need a physical location (with bathrooms).  Professional grade lights, a couple of different colors/textured backgrounds, sync chords (if you go wireless lights), gels, reflectors (gold, silver), posing stools and props.  Decent computer, expensive software to make it all fly.  Office and Accounting software quickbooks for business, but their are others.  You'll also need, Darkroom,Adobe PhotoShop and other photo editing tools.  Last, but not least printing.   In house: you'll need industrial grade printer.  If you send out to print, start looking at cost/ profit for your studio.  Want it printed local or out of state. 

          • photo studio
            LUCKIEST Guide

            A GOOD business plan would help