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    Starting an LLC, What are the steps???

    KittyMulah Newbie
      I have my EIN number, now what do I do?? I tried to open a bank account but I guess I needed to file with the state first. Just not sure exactly how to do that. Can anyone help me please?? Thanks!
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          Depending upon your industry and location, your requirements for proper permits, licenses, and actions you need to take for an LLC and DBA can vary.


          You can either connect with a local business attorney and / or accountant adept at setting up legal structures in your area or go to whereby they will create a report for you giving you the various local, county, state and federal (if applicable) licenses and permits you will need to apply for with the forms and addresses where you need to submit them. I believe they are charging $99 for this service (not including the fees you may need to submit to the government agencies).


          The other thing you can do is add more detail into your profile or in this discussion thread so people familiar with your area can give you specific answers.


          Best of luck.




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