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    The Media Negotiators Grant Advertising Aid

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      Our Mission and Future Plans



      "If you can save a company you can save a job." That is the motto of the The Media Negotiators. We are a non profit media agency. Our mission is to grant marketing assistance to non profit agencies and small and medium sized business today. We manage your marketing plan at no charge. Our goal is to bring traffic to qualified establishments by allowing you the opportunity to have professional access to professional marketing advertising campaigns. We encourage you to join today. Even if just for the purpose we represent. Spread the word across the internet and every where you can. Tell business owner and people to help their nation by shopping online at The Media Negotiators website for the holidays and today. You can Shop now or later. The funds are invested in the business owners and non profit groups that qualify. The Negotiators also has preliminary plans to grant assistance to unemployed individual members in the future. Please bookmark the website today. Join if only for the mission Browse the page links for different products choices. Give us ideas and other shopping links we need put on the site to make it fit your needs. Also any fundraising suggesting would be helpful. Any press will help tremendously. Mention us on Facebook and Twitter. Join the mission today. Spread the news and do your part to assist our nation to get back on track. Click and Join now.