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    HOW can I operate a business using 2 separate entities?

    makoaspire Newbie
      Here's the scenario:

      I operate a small single member LLC in NJ. My prospective partner operates a S-Corp in Delaware doing the same work. We want to join forces under my existing company name since I'm established in the area and open a physical location in Delaware (yet continue to do business in both states). He brings equipment to the venture, our agreement is that I pay the first year's rent on the location as my "buy-in". I understand the logistics of filing as a foreign company to be able to do business in DE, etc.

      My question is HOW to jointly operate this company without me becoming an officer in his company or vice versa. I have already seen a lawyer and came away with more questions than answers. Does a wholly new entity need to be created? Perhaps some real world business owners can guide me. Thanks for your help.