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    How do I get more traffic on my website?

    BFS2000 Wayfarer
      I'm new to the business and I developed my own website. But, its not getting many hits. Any suggestions people? Should I change the format or context?
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          lauragrady35 Newbie
          Better start optimizing your website with the right keywords, title and description
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            losing_hair Newbie
            first look at your stats on and figure out if people are comign to your website, what search engine keywords and phrases are they using to find you.

            if you can't determine that, brainstorm and try to figure out what keywords and phrases people would use to find financial help in brooklyn.

            maybe if you are targeting a certain neighborhood, you could hang door cards on houses and sponsor a sweepstakes contest for $50 for dinner, ir people email you a list of 10 keywords or search phrases they would use if they were looking for financial help on google.

            you can also sign up for google adwords, but don't buy any ads yet, just use their online tools to try to fingure out what are the popular keywords. then keep a lsit of those keywords and type them into a google search and see who comes up.


            this is just a short list of ideas, but getting traffic is only 1/3 of the game, you also have to keep them on your website long enough to capture their email address (try giving away a free report on how to cut $50 of your expenses!) and then convert them to customers.

            it looks like you built your site using Qucikbooks? your site will need a lot of improvement too, would you like me to give you some more ideas, too? i'm getting nagged to get back to work on my own stuff :)
            go yankees
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              SkyelarH Newbie
              One quick, cheap way to get visitors to your site is to use ptc advertising to start, then shift alot of your profits to SEO because that's the ultimate goal. I use a site called panda clix, Don't quote me on this but I think they sell 1000 visits for $3. I buy 50000 visits (they're ip shows up in my analytics too which I like) for $60 and ussually see about 1.3% conversion. BUT I'm in affiliate marketing and the people in the ptc sites are very interested in making money online, you might not see the same conversion.

              Any who its a good cheap start, good luck -Skyelar