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    Need help and guidance to start a small online business

    slowlearner Newbie
      Hello people.

      I am a 21 yrs old freelance application developer. I had started many online ventures which are not showed me good results due to lack of work and promotion. I agree that i have not worked well for my past ventures. But this time i made my mind to start this kind of web projects by the next 2 months and work in a smart way.

      Please guide me with your experience and ideas to choose me the right online business for myself. I am not planning to start a very big business but a normal and small business which can take care about me. At least it has to earn around 500$ to 800$ a month, by the way i am also ready to put my all hard work on that.

      thanks and have a good time.
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          You haven't given enough information for the people in this community to help you out with an appropriate answer. Having financial goals are important, but they aren't the only criteria to creating a business that can (and will) succeed. As you mentioned, you started previous online ventures that didn't work out the way you had hoped. Don't repeat the same mistakes.


          What do you enjoy doing? What are you good at? What experience do you have? There are a number of questions that you must answer before you can formulate an idea that has a chance of becoming an income.


          I would like to recommend an ebook that I co-authored. It's titled, "My Idea, My Business". You can download it for free from my Solutions Center. Go to this link to register:



          You will receive an email with your password to the Solutions Center.


          If you still need help after reading this ebook and filling out the questionnaire, contact me.


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