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    Starting a cake designing business/bakery

    sweetthings09 Newbie
      Hi ,

      I love cake decorating and have been doing it for Friends and friends of friends... I'm looking for information on the following
      • Can I sell my cakes from home? Can I get appropriate licenses for it for San Diego , CA
      • Commercial Kitchen Rentals - If you've used this or are using this and know of any good ones , would be great if you can share info
      • Setting upo your own kitchen and bakery : I am totally clueless about this. I tried to google quite a bit but can't seem to find much info
        • What licenses do I need?
        • How do you go about looking for a kitchen space? ( How much do these cost, can they be rented? )
        • Appliances and setting up the kitchen ( How much does this typically cost? )

      If anyone setup a bakery recently in San Diego , and woouldn't mind guiding me , you can email me at

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          Congrats on starting your new business!


          In response to your questions:


          Can you sell from home?


          You can sell from the Internet, but you will need to check with your local city hall for the person(s) that are responsible for zoning. They will let you know if your home is in an area that is zoned for commercial / residential. If your zoning is for residential only, they will not allow you to have walk-up traffic to your house to sell your cakes.


          If your home passes the zoning requirements, you will still need to check with your local health department (or whichever department manages health codes for food prep and handling in your area) to see what their requirements are for food storage and sales.


          Commercial kitchen rentals


          Depending on the hours that you need the kitchen, you have some different options. If you only need the kitchen for a limited time and you can be flexible with your hours, you may want to contact some local restaurants and hotels with kitchens to see if they would be willing to rent you their space and equipment for the hours outside their peak times.


          If you need a space of your own, you may be able to find a deal with a landlord that owns a space of a recently closed down restaurant. They are likely to work a deal with you to get their space occupied. Otherwise, look at other for lease options. You will have to do some shopping to see what the going rate is in your area.


          If walk-up traffic is important to your business, remember location, location, location. You will want to find a place that falls within your budget and is located in an area frequented by your prime demographic, is safe, and has sufficient access and parking.


          Licenses and Permits


          You can meet with a lawyer, go online to or hunt down the answers on your own. Working with a lawyer will likely be your most expensive route. BizFilings offers a service for I believe $99 to do a report for you with all the permits and licenses that you will need to apply for, where to apply for them and often includes copies of the forms you will need to fill out. The last option is to go to your local, county and state agencies responsible for business licenses and see where you need to apply. Additionally, you will need to contact your local health department (or whichever department manages health codes for food prep and handling in your area) for your food handlers card and permits.


          I hope this helps. You can contact me for further assistance.


          Best of luck.




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