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    New and creative Marketing Tools..

    BFS2000 Wayfarer
      Good Afternoon All,

      Im looking for sugguestions for marketing credit counseling, foreclosure prevention programs. How can I reach my potential clients? I have a website, ( but its not getting many hits. Any ideas or sugguestoins feel free to share.

      Also, if you have questions about credit or mortgage default industry. Feel free to inquire.

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          SAFEGUARD Wayfarer
          Promote your business as much as possible. Use promotional items, maybe a small shovel and tell people to use it to "Dig their way out of Debt" or a clock saying "It's Time To Get Control of Your Finances" or a pen saying "Sign the right papers & get back on track". Hand out flyers & brochures. Market yourself with apparel, every where you go you can advertise. Tee-shirt, golf shirts, hats, even a suit can have your company name embroidered on it. Join every free business directory & online community. Get your name out there. Google your company name & your name. If you can't find you neither can anyone else. Good luck.
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            WinnSom Wayfarer
            You can also try and create a Facebook Business Page. Look into it. It helps to reach your audience. Good Luck.. if you do don't forget to like my page by looking up WinnSom. May be we can work something out together.