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    Starting an Online business from home....lost!!!

    psyborg Newbie

      Hello smart people!

      Ok, so I am starting an online here in Los Angeles and I will be selling merchandise through my website shipping all over the continental US. I filed my DBA as I will start as a sole-proprietorship. This is where I started getting confused. There were people camping outside trying to get me to sign up for all sorts of things and I figured I would do my research first.

      Now I am coming to you to see what I need to do to get my business started with all the required legal documentation.

      What I have done so far:

      File my DBA.
      Publish my DBA in a local paper.
      Establish business account.

      I am sure I need some other documents, and I have my suspicions on what I need, but please bare with me as I play dumb for a second.

      What else do I need?
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          amspcs Ranger
          Lots depends on local ordinances in your city, county, etc. Business license, sales tax certificate, etc. Bear in mind if you don't have a sales tax certificate, your supplier may well have to charge you sales tax on whatever
          you buy from him, which could be a problem.

          Other things:

          You'll want to open a business checking account. Intermingling personal and business funds never a smart idea, even if you're a SP.

          If you're an online buisness, you'll obvously need a web site, so you'l need a good developer and hoster. Make sure the site has a compliant shopping cart .

          Then, you need a merchant account to accept credit cards, then a gateway (do it in that order, don't put cart before the horse. Bear in mind these are separte entitites, never go for a combined 'integrated' proprietary solution--you'll end up paying way too much.


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            I agree with AMSPCS, it depends on your local ordinances.


            You can meet with a lawyer or go online to to get the answers. Working with a lawyer will likely be your most expensive route. BizFilings offers a service for I believe $99 to do a report for you with all the permits and licenses that you will need to apply for, where to apply for them and often includes copies of the forms you will need to fill out.


            I hope this helps.


            All the Best,




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