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    Direct Selling .

    BOASBIZ Wayfarer
      Just won a huge contract to supply/export a very popular product to a company in an African country. I am also contemplating embarking on a Direct selling of these products to customers
      in this very country and the sub region after the contract expires. I would therefore like to know
      if there are some marketing and sales professionals and gurus on this forum,knowledgeable in the area of Direct selling to assist and enlighten me on this concept,it's obvious benefits and disadvantages in business.

      I would welcome any other contribution on the concept of Direct selling.
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          CEO Space Scout

          Welcome to the forum.

          Could you tell us a bit more about your company and your product?

          Do you have a business plan? What is your plan?

          This is a very helpful and friendly forum and we can all help you more if we have some
          more info from you.

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              BOASBIZ Wayfarer
              Thanks all for your quick and prompt responses to my Question/concern. We are basically into the Export/Import business.

              Products. We specifically don't concentrate on one type of product.We would source and scout for any product our clients in Africa, precisely West Africa ask for. The product in question here is "Women's underclothes" of all type.

              We have been in contact with a couple manufacturers both in the US & Asia.We are therefore leaning on a manufacturer in Italy with a distributor in New York. Supply starts in April.

              We currently do not have any business plan. Any help in this direction?.
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              CEO Space Scout
              Oh, and by the way, congratulations on winning the huge contract.
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                LUCKIEST Guide
                Direct Selling OF WHAT TO WHOM?? Do not understand. Congrads on winning this huge contract
                to do what, where. Where is your company located?? How soon do we start??
                I ama Marketing and sales professional. How can I assist and enlighten you if I do not understand.
                Do you have a Marketing Plan?? Do you need funds and how much??
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                    BOASBIZ Wayfarer
                    Product in question here is "Women's underclothes" of all type.My company is a small Import/Export business
                    located precisely in NJ with a branch in Ghana,West Africa. Initial supply of Lingerie starts in April 2008.

                    Guru,I would like to receive some feed back on the concept of "Direct Selling"/marketing. Enlighten me on Direct Selling.

                    I do not have any marketing plan. We might need some funds coupled with what we have now.
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                    TGA000 Wayfarer
                    Nice job with the contract.

                    Well, it really doesn't matter who you are and what you sell. The basic idea behind direct selling is that you spend more time listening to your client than you do talking.

                    It's all about them. When you are confident in yourself and your product that you don't mind letting other people talk you'll rise to the top of the sales force.

                    Here's pretty much all you need:

                    #1: Complete knowlege of your product and how it effects the industry and your client
                    #2: The ability to listen to your client. They're going to be telling you what their objections are. Listen.
                    #3: Use what is called "the ledge method of selling". This is where you turn their objections into the reason they're going to buy from you.

                    I trained my entire sales force with that technique and doubled my numbers.

                    Good luck!
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                      Lighthouse24 Ranger

                      This reminds me of the story of two famous American shoe manufacturers who relied on direct selling (door-to-door) to sell their products in the 1950's. Each company sent a representative to remote Africa to explore the market potential there.

                      The first rep telegraphed his boss: "Market TERRIBLE. Nobody wears shoes."

                      The second rep telegraphed his boss: "Market FANTASTIC. Nobody has shoes!"

                      Direct Selling is the sale of a consumer product or service, person-to-person, away from a fixed retail location. It's about building a relationship with a customer, finding his or her need, and then filling that need. In the U.S., Avon is an excellent example of a business that was built on direct selling.

                      Your success at using that method will likely rely on choosing one of two strategies in the beginning: 1) beginning with people who already know the product and know how to sell, and they will go out and build relationships one-to-one with potential customers, or 2) beginning with people who already have one-to-one relationships with potential customers, and you'll go out and build their product knowledge and sales skills.

                      Which strategy do you think would fit best given the product, market, and resources you have in mind?
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                        LUCKIEST Guide
                        Direct selling Making the Sale.Know how the customer makes money.
                        Learn the customers decision making process.
                        Build relationships with the customer (not just sales).
                        Focus on the customers business needs.
                        Show how your product or service meets customers needs.